Every Calorie Counts

We all know that carrying extra body weight leads to health problems and many of us strive to lose excess body fat. It makes sense that in order to lose weight we need to eat less and this leads us to try one of the many popular diet methods.

Initially we might see excellent results but in the long run it is almost impossible to keep off the weight.

CommonHealth has the answers and learning more about portion control is vital to your success.

For more practical advice on how to lower your caloric intake click on our ECC Challenge and incorporate a few proven weight loss behaviors in to your weekly routine.

In addition to these great tools CommonHealth is once again giving you a chance to win a $500 gift card.

Please attend a CommonHealth program at your agency or fill out the program coupon and return it to your Agency Coordinator to enter.

FDA's How to Understand and Use Food Labels

FDA's Family Food Label Education Program

ADA's 9 Tip Sheets for Great Choices

NIH's Health Risks for Being Overweight

USDA's Food-a-pedia

American Heart Association's No Fad Diet

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