Fitting In Fitness

We have all heard of fad diets- for instance, eating nothing but grapefruit for a month to lose 10 pounds. The fitness world has plenty of fads too. Even people who work out on a regular basis can be confused when they watch infomercials touting the latest and greatest workout machine which guarantees quick results.

Following outdated or unproven fitness advice may keep you from getting the maximum benefit or even do more harm than good.  CommonHealth has designed a great program to help you to get your fitness routine on track and maintain healthy habits.

Start by determining how many calories you need in a day to either gain, maintain, or lose your desired weight.  Check out the easy to use formula below by clicking on How many calories do I need.

Then use the activity calculator by clicking on How many calories do I burn.  This will allow you see just how many calories your favorite activities (including work and family time) will allow you to burn.

Once you these two important factors, you can click on the Quick Start Challenge to give you some ideas on how to rev up your metabolism and get started. There is also a Lifestyle Change Log that can help you keep track of your new routine one week at a time. 

In addition to these great tools, CommonHealth wants give you a chance to enter a drawing for gift cards of up to $500 and other prizes.  Please attend a CommonHealth program at your agency or fill out the program coupon and return it to your Agency Coordinator to enter.

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