Growing Younger: Healthier at Any Age

We all want to look and feel our best, regardless of how old we are, but we can get caught up in the latest anti-aging craze or find ourselves looking for a quick fix to turn back the clock. Sometimes we may settle for aches and pains or a chronic condition that we can avoid or improve, just because we feel like that is what happens as you get older.

There is nothing that beats living well for keeping yourself in the optimal condition for making the most of your life and the lives of your loved ones. CommonHealth can give you information on the best and most reliable ways to stay young, vital, and active, no matter what your chronological age is today. Focusing on exercise, good nutrition, staying mentally sharp, expanding your community, increasing joy, kicking tobacco, and issues of caregiving, Growing Younger can be your ticket to the fountain of youth.

Growing Younger: Healthier at Any Age will be available November 1st - February 28, 2013. Contact your CommonHealth Regional Coordinator today to schedule. Program participants will receive a colorful booklet with information and activities to assist you in living a healthier life, regardless of your current age (while supplies last).

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