It's Your Move...

Take Steps to Defeat Diabetes

Many adults have diabetes don’t even know it. What used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes is now frequently diagnosed in children. Diabetes can cause kidney failure and blindness and it can cause you to lose a limb. People with diabetes are also more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke. The sad truth is that diabetes affects the health of every system in the body. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take steps to defeat diabetes! CommonHealth wants you to do just that by providing the information and tools you need to take action to manage diabetes and its risk factors.

With It’s Your Move, CommonHealth will provide information and ideas for simple actions you can take to lower your risk or better manage Type 2 Diabetes. You will be encouraged to know your numbers: your blood sugar, cholesterol, body mass index, and blood pressure levels, and how they affect your risk. Simple nutrition messages will demystify meal planning, counting carbs, glycemic index and weight loss. Finally, you are encouraged to literally take steps to defeat diabetes by exercising more and sitting less. You can become a healthier you, you can beat, manage and defeat diabetes.

 It’s Your Move: Steps to Defeat Diabetes will be available July1 – October 31, 2012. Contact your CommonHealth Regional Coordinator today to schedule. Program participants will receive an incentive designed to get them moving while supplies last.

It's Your Move...what changes will you make?

Let CommonHealth help you and your family take charge to prevent, manage, reverse and defeat diabetes! Attend our upcoming program at your site!

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