Just Drive Virginia

In this program, we discuss how you can avoid being a driving statistic while on or off the job. We will include tips for many of your driving concerns from impaired/distracted drivers to the often overlooked driving skills and vehicle safety tips. Taking charge of your driving has the added bonus of avoiding an expensive insurance payment and/or minimizing the risks of injury or death in a serious crash. We will give you some simple tips that can save your wallet, your family and your life.

Distracted driving is something we hear more and more about...there are three types of distraction when you are driving: visual, manual and cognitive. The CommonHealth Just Drive program will touch on distracted driving, impaired driving and how to combat those issues and more with defensive driving.

For those of you with children, our program will wade through all the recommendations and give you the latest information on child safety seats from infants to toddlers to school age children. Teen driving, pedestrians and motorcycle safety are also covered.

Finally, we'll give you some ideas on how to ease your commute and take the road less traveled for business or pleasure with Virginia Biways, Virginia Main Street Districts, Covered bridges of Virginia and more! There's even a Virginia Highway Safety Challenge sponsored by VDOT, Virginia State Police and the DMV.

Each employee who participates will walk away with a fresh perspective on driving, a refresher on some rules of the road and receive a keychain flashlight.

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