Moving Forward with Fitness Challenge

Participate in CommonHealth's Move Forward Challenge and every 10 minutes of activity earns you a ticket for prize drawings. Any and all activities can count towards the challenge; as long as you place the appropriate tickets in the Challenge Box within 72 hours of completing the activity.

Everyone is on the honor system!

How the Challenge works:

Start the monthly challenge whenever it works best for your group (up to four months - November, December, January and February).

You jog 20 minutes on Monday. You complete 2 tickets and place them in the Challenge Box. You dance with your kids for 10 minutes on Tuesday; you would complete one ticket and place it in the Challenge Box.

Tickets are located at the Challenge Box site. There is a maximum of 30 minutes or 3 tickets per day that each individual may complete and place in the box.

Each month the box will be emptied, total minutes submitted for that month logged, and drawings for prize(s) will be held.

What do I do as an Agency Coordinator:

  1. Advertise the challenge via email or flyer (see flyer)
  2. Create a Challenge Box. It can be as pretty or as basic as you like, just make it easily accessible for all employees at your worksite.
  3. Have tickets available at the box site (see ticket template).
  4. Draw for a prize on the last working day of the month. Empty the box and tally total number of tickets (November, December, January, and February).
  5. Report the total number of tickets to your CommonHealth Regional Coordinator via email by December 5th, January 5th, February 6th, and March 5th to receive one monthly CommonHealth prize for the winner of the drawing.

Bonus: Ask co-workers if they have fitness equipment that they would like to donate as prizes also. What didn't work for you may be the key to someone else's success.

Good luck and stay active!

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