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Recipe for a Healthier Heart

CommonHealth’s new health campaign, Recipe for a Healthier Heart, will provide simple, key ingredients for a healthier heart. Even though we may know that eating certain foods can increase our heart disease risk; it’s often tough to change our eating habits. This campaign will help employees learn which foods to eat more of, which to avoid and how to include new, healthier choices in their diet.

We will discuss tips for planning ahead and creating meals to put a healthy eating plan into action. Additional campaign topics include easy ways to increase physical activity, how to start a walking program and steps to get a walking group started at work. Finally, the campaign will look the importance of reducing stress to lower heart disease risk. Contact your regional coordinator to schedule an on-site program today!

Family Health and Fitness

Weight Watchers
Weight WatchersThe Commonwealth of Virginia is offering Weight Watchers at special pricing to state employees, spouses and adult dependents.

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Fitness Classes
Fitness ClassesSee information on work fitness classes here. Class Schedule for James Monroe Building - 11th Floor here.

Healthy Families
Healthy Families Helping kids lead healthy lifestyles begins with parents who lead by example.

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