Re-Learn to Relax

Re-Learn to Relax

Meditation is the simple, scientifically proven brain exercise that helps you be more tuned in to your day and relax by rewiring your brain to deal differently with stress. And, practicing meditation and enjoying its benefits, like feeling happier and less overwhelmed, doesn’t require the perfect conditions or a huge time commitment.

The Relearn to Relax: CommonHealth’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness for Busy Beginners program guides you through a 5 minute meditation exercise to practice daily. It also discusses the physical and mental benefits of meditation and mindfulness, explores ways to find moments of calm in your busy days, how to use technology to your advantage by learning about some really useful apps, and finally, explains techniques to help you power down for a good night’s sleep.

Everyone who participates will receive an incentive and a mindfulness guide for starting a meditation practice.

Join CommonHealth and Relearn to Relax starting January 2019. We will present this campaign to your employees in a fun and knowledgeable way in just a few minutes or a full-length presentation. Here are a few ideas; add a CommonHealth program to a staff meeting, schedule a lunch and learn, include a program or display during a conference, or any other staff events. And don’t forget about our informative displays and learning stations for benefits fairs, health fairs, truck Roadeos, safety days, wellness days, employee appreciation events, picnics etc. Contact your Regional CommonHealth Coordinator or contact us at to schedule Relearn to Relax: CommonHealth’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness for the Busy Beginner at your location. This program is available through June 2019.

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