Better Nights Ahead

Better Nights Ahead

Lots of us look at sleep as a luxury. It’s something that other people get to do. But us? We are far too busy and who’s got time to be unproductive like that!?! WE ALL DO! Rest is greatly beneficial and absolutely productive, so it is up to us to make it a priority.

A number of aspects of your healthy and quality of life are linked to sleep, and these aspects are impaired when you are sleep deprived.

Sleep optimizes how your brain works, including regulating emotions, mood, attention span, concentration, and executive function, which helps us make good judgements, remain flexible, and be creative.

Exercise and sleep both combat stress and can bolster health and mood. Regular exercisers report better, more sound sleep than non-exercisers. In addition, exercise and a healthy diet boost our body’s immune system, reduces inflammation, and improves stress management.

Join CommonHealth to learn more about the benefits of healthy sleep and how to achieve it. Better Nights Ahead will be available beginning September 1, 2020. Participants will receive a colorful booklet with information and activities to assist you in getting your best quality sleep (while supplies last). Contact your regional Wellness Consultant to schedule.

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