Take a Break

Most of us can probably agree that stress levels have been high lately. And, we know that too much stress can lead to serious problems. But, did you know that chronic stress - the type of daily, low-grade anxiety and pressure that many are feeling during these trying times- is more likely to lead to health problems than a major crisis? It's true. Overtime, the body begins to break down in response to chronic stress because it cannot tolerate continually elevated levels of stress hormones and the physical symptoms they cause. This is why chronic stress is implicated in many health issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, migraines and depression.

So, what can you do to keep everyday stress from having a long term effect on your health?

One of the secrets of effective stress management at work is finding ways to incorporate stress-reduction techniques into your workday. By Taking a Break to practice the tips, stretches or breathing techniques taught in the program you can catch your response to a stressful situation early - before it has a chance to turn unhealthy.

Because the program is offered October - December, "in person" programs will include a discussion of the added pressures many feel throughout the holiday season. It focuses on positive ideas centered around spending quality time with those we care about most and highlights free or low cost programs and exhibits available at local museums, historic sites and cultural attractions.

Program participants will receive the 30 minute relaxation CD titled Take A Break - while supplies last! The audio CD includes a guided relaxation exercise and relaxing music.

Be sure to beat the holiday rush and contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule the Take A Break program.

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