Craig Hicken

Craig Hicken


I earned my BS in Nursing from Emory University and after 3 years of hospital based nursing I changed gears and worked for several large fitness centers in Atlanta as a fitness consultant and manager. I moved to Richmond in 2002 to open my own fitness center and then took a position as a wellness educator in 2007 to share my experiences and passion for health and wellness.

Why did you choose health education as a career field?

I believe that good health is the key to happiness and success. It is unfortunate that our educational system doesn't include more information on health, fitness and nutrition. Being a health educator allows me to make a positive contribution to the health of state employees and is very rewarding.

What do you love most about your job?

I love it when someone tells me that their health has improved because of something that they learned from one of our programs.

What do you want to share with your agencies?

Small Changes in lifestyle can make a big difference if you are consistent with them. For example, taking in 120 fewer calories every day will help you lose one pound per month or 12 pounds per year. Add in a 15 minute walk every day to see even quicker results.

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