Moving Forward with Fitnes Past Campaign

Time for a Change - Moving Forward with Fitness

Move It Virginia

Ask most people if exercise is important, and you'll get an overwhelming YES. But, it usually gets shoved aside as other details in life demand our time and attention. Starting and sticking with exercise isn't easy.

Interestingly, it's not our body but OUR MIND that is the biggest hurdle that keeps us from getting started and sticking with exercise. We love to stay with what we know and when we change something (like starting an exercise program) - there is almost always resistance.

This is resistance is natural, our brain perceives change as moving out of a safe zone and triggers stress - which comes through as the excuses we make for not exercising.

And boy, can we come up with excuses - we don't have the time OR the money, we're too tired, too fat, too weak, or too embarrassed, we don't like it , don't know how to do it and don't want to do it...on and on the list goes.

With this program we want to help you break through these barriers. We'll examine the most common barriers and provide some simple and effective ways to around them.

Each participant will receive a CommonHealth lanyard and great information about moving more for your health.  Be sure to beat the holiday rush and contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule the Moving Forward with Fitness program.