Think Fast About Stroke Past Campaign

Think F-A-S-T

Faces of Stroke

Several hundred thousand people suffer strokes in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately many of these victims will suffer permanent disability or die because so few recognize the symptoms or know what to do. Participants in CommonHealth’s Think FAST About Stroke program will learn the sudden warning signs of stroke so they can recognize and respond FAST.Stroke is a medical emergency and a quick and informed response could save a life. Think FAST About Stroke will be available from March 1– June30, 2013. Contact your CommonHealth Regional Coordinator today to schedule.

Stroke F-A-S-T

Take the Five Faces Pledge

When it comes to combating stroke, knowledge is power. Learn the warning signs of a stroke and share the information with 5 others. Make sure your family and friends know to act FAST when stroke hits. Knowing this lifesaving information can ensure that someone having a stroke can get the urgent care they need. Visit to take the pledge.