Dial It Down

Dial It DownAre you stressed? Maybe you feel it, maybe you don’t. Either way you probably have stress, as 70% of Americans admit to feeling stressed during the workday. Deadlines. Challenging colleagues. Hostile customers. Too much work, not enough time. Whatever it is that causes you stress, you probably have it. How does it affect you? Do you have headaches? Are you sick? Do you have trouble concentrating? There are ways you can help lessen the stress in your life and you can handle it better!

Why is this so important? Stress can cause illness, decrease productivity, be very costly, and can even increase your weight gain. So CommonHealth wants you to Dial it Down to Stress Less! Join us for our latest campaign and learn fun and practical ways to decrease your stress and improve how it affects you, so that you have fewer health risks!

Feeling stressed now? Check out the videos for tips to try now! Participate in our Wellness Wednesdays to Stress Less. Contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule an on-site training today

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