Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs

Sometimes life can become a bit overwhelming – too many bills to pay, caring for our parents or older relatives, keeping up with our children’s activities plus trying to find time for ourselves. If you are enrolled in a TLC health plan, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is there for you, your covered dependents and members of your household, with counseling and resources to help in achieving a healthy work-life balance. All TLC health plans include an EAP. Up to four free counseling sessions with a licensed mental health provider are provided per incident each plan year.

In addition, members may contact the EAP for 24/7 assistance with:

  • Work/life balance and other issues of daily living such as: Depression, Work and family stress, Substance abuse, Child and elder care issues
  • Legal, financial and other consultation services, including credit monitoring, debt and budgeting assistance, mediation services and retirement planning.
  • Referrals and resources regarding child and elder care, comparison shopping, travel assistance, education resources, and more.

Each plan’s website features articles, webinars and other helpful tips for members. You may also contact your plan for additional information.

EAP Contacts
TLC Key Advantage – Anthem

Kaiser Permanente HMO – Kaiserw

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